Could This Be The Barn Find Of The Year?

Imagine driving up to this..

Talk about the mother load.. And yes, that’s exactly what we plan on talking about. Our fellow Woody Boaters Don and Molly at McCall Boat Works  have found a treasure trove of Mahogany.. And you will never guess where?  Think of the last place on earth where you would find,

Dear lord..

a 1942 Century Seamaid Barrel Stern 17′ stock engine 1946 CC Sportsman U-22 Chevy engine, 1967 Century Sabre 19′ Chrysler hemi, 1946 CC Deluxe 17′ stock engine…and… yes…the long lost 1946 CC Custom 20′ with a Cadillac engine Hull R-20-006… found, all in one place…

thar she is... Yup...

in the middle of….yes, Idaho….who would ever think these boats were on top of a mountain, isolated with the deer and elk…………waiting to be found!

Woody Elkers..

Holy crap! Can you imagine this, it’s like Dick Hickman and his Thunderbolt, or us and Thayer IV and Mariah.. The Harrisons and Barnwood, The Ploetners and our beloved 24 Sportsman… That moment of pure heaven.. And this time on top of a mountain… Of course there is more to the story, but Don and Molly are keeping it all close to the vest on this one for good reason, But where kind enough to send us some images to drool over..

Thats one nice Chris Craft U22

Back to that U22..



Now some more Century Barel action


and one killer Hemi Century!

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  1. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    Hull # on the two Centurys 1942 Seamaid model 172 Q4201 to the highest known number Q4254, 54 known to be built in 42… I only know of about 12 of these around yet…this is one more now…

    And the 1967 Century Sabre Hull # range S6750 to S6785 Only 36 bult this final year of the wooden Sabre..

    Also are they sure about a Hemi in the Sabre… (not factory) Century used Chrysler marine at that time but no hemis at that time as far as we know… Many Sabres had 318 Chryslers.. Other chryslers that Century used at that time were 426 wedge and 440s

    please let us know

  2. Frank Miklos
    Frank Miklos says:

    Also see that they have the gull wing top for the Sabre… It is sitting next to the 1942 17′ Century Seamaid model 172… Is the engine size known for the Seamaid… 4 cyl or 6…

  3. Allen Lee
    Allen Lee says:

    Nice the Seamaid has a roof over it. It has the same shorelander trailer under it that I have so that should support it. I’ll bet one of those fella’s from the Shaniko Hotel stored these up on that mountain top.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      I’m sure there is a Chris-Craft expert / historian that can explain the raised windshield option correctly.

      I met a fellow at a boat show a few years ago that had the raised windshield option on his U22. He claimed that it was factory ordered by the original owner (noted on the hull card) because he was tall in the saddle… This boat also had an original soft top, and I suspect the raised windshield was also better suited for the soft top, in terms of it’s function.

      A U22 guy like Jim Staib can probably provide a more accurate explanation of the raised windshield option.

  4. matt
    matt says:

    Wow, I did not notice that, looks like a deep water deal.. i have seen that before on some U22’s.. For a more rough sea.. But I could be wrong.. just ask my wife..

    • Frank Miklos
      Frank Miklos says:

      The raised windshield may be original…. I know that century made a Late 1960s Century Coronado with a raised windshield and hardtop… I think 3 or 4″ rise… The man who ordered the boat was reported being 6’7″ and needed more headroom…

      I have never seen the boat but its out there we have the order form for the top…

      Bottom line is these companies would do anything to sell a boat…

  5. brian
    brian says:

    How sad.

    Beautiful boats hidden in the hills while some nutbag scribbles down their manifesto?

    I’ll never understand.

    Wonder what the complete story is.

  6. matt
    matt says:

    It’s the “UnaBoater”! I love it.. Dam, I wish I had thought of that as the head line.. We could have written a fun manafesto about how wooden boats need to be back, how plastic boats are killing all of us with there toxians..

  7. Erik Miklos
    Erik Miklos says:

    What Caddilac engine does the 1946 Custom have?
    The modern OHV V-8 didn’t come out untill 1949. It wasnt until the early 1950’s that Cal Connell marinized his first ones.

    • Don
      Don says:

      I will have to go back to the Top of the Mountain this fall, to retrieve the boats. I will have more info before the snow flies. Don ps there are more.

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