Dang It! I Fell Asleep At The Wheel. You May Do The Same!


Syds Box O’Stuff

Well, if you kept clicking on yesterdays story to see the answer to the NOS box, I simply fell asleep. Yes around 8pm east coast, or 5 pm west coast, or well, you get the idea. Maybe someplace on the planet I am still on time? Or maybe its tomorrow already. I am in a time twirl again. AHHHHHHHH

A light!

So here ya go. And sorry it’s not the most exiting box revel, but it is cool. Okay, better than the Geraldo Rivera and Al Capone vault thing. At least there is something in here. Sorry, Spoiler Alert if you had not seen the Rivera report. 40 years ago!

And the rest of the set. Clamp on lights.

Made in USA

Okay, so here ya go! And I will pepper in some more of Syd’s Text Message Museum for your joy. Which of course only encourages him to send more text stuff.

A different bow light

And some major bad ass cleats. ANOTHER FIRST TIME EVER SAID QUOTE!

Oh there is so much more. Here is another tease. Early Clayton and ACBS stuff.

Love the Old Boats old Friends line!. And of course!

oh! There is more.. And More, and More. One last tease!

Syd saved the box label. Has this gone from cool to  Museum to Hoarding? Its a fine line. But I get it, I could not throw this away either. But do you frame it? Or maybe one day text it to some random guy and see it on his website for others to see and say, hey thats cool. Which brings up an interesting thing. Is there a museum of trash? And yes, here is a wonderful article on the topic. Which is actually very cool. OH GOD!

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  1. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    I think Syd is a collector/hoarder of stuff we love, Thanks for sharing this fun story, A small light of hope in a sea of doom in our great country right now.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I have a set of those clamp on lights somewhere. They were used for pre-dawn fishing on a row boat powered by a Johnson 9.9. I no longer do anything before dawn so they have been stored away somewhere for a few decades.

  3. Clay at Cross Lake
    Clay at Cross Lake says:

    Cool stuff. Shirley this must be my opening to ask if anyone can help me find some old parts. I have acquired a 1959 Dunphy Bluewater lapstrake that I am going to start on this summer. It is without any Dunphy Boats cast metal identification plates. I am also looking for a set for my Wagemaker Wolverine. Any tips?

  4. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    What about the May 28 tool question? Has it been confirmed that Steve was right that the tool is for lubricating leaf springs? Is that really something that was done? How would it even work? I’m thinking there is another days worth of discussion if you want it Matt.

  5. Mahogany Mafia
    Mahogany Mafia says:

    Matt you have been a good producer for our family pull a wise guy move like that again and we will put you in a nice pair of concrete slippers and take you on a “boat ride” enjoy your weekend

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