Dreams Do Come True- An Antique Boat Barn Find Story.


Imagine for a second that you see this flyer. For us.. For the Pickers out there, this may as well be a Playboy pin up. The year is 1990, winter is coming, and the thought of winter projects are in the cold crisp air. To fellow Woody Boater Dick Hickman of Long Level Marina this was such a moment. Now imagine that you have to wait until Saturday…. a couple weeks away.. Imagine the torture…. There it reads as plain as day.” Century 1930’s Era Wooden Inboard Boat ( no motor)” What could it be? Could it be? Who else is seeing this flyer. It could be anything.. Ahhhh, the wait…. how must that feel… ………Well you can now enjoy that feeling, because we are doing the story tomorrow.. Enjoy the burn…. trust me, its all part of the fun… Really.. Ahhhhhhhhhh….

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    Anonymous says:

    Always leave them wanting more. Plus american's love some tease with cheap filler. I am waiting.

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