Hatching Baby Chick’s Hatch


Baby Chick Hatch. There is a Hatch joke in here someplace

Today, okay yesterday I started the process of getting all archaeologist on Baby Chick. I swear I was sifting through dirt and crap. Looking for any small detail.  But as I was looking I had forgotten to even look in the forward hatch. WTF!

Oh god, I cant get out


My dad is an idiot!

Thats where some good stuff could be. And I stopped, and thought, Hey why not capture the Moment so we can discover the Hatch reveil together. Hey! This may sound simple, but the time to turn on the camera took far too long.. Like 2 seconds to long. I wanted to see what was in there. Here goes..

STAY TUNED for the good stuff.

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    Hatching a hatch? That’s cheep humor. As for the Geraldo-style live catacomb opening… 👏https://youtu.be/xaF0LSwzFog

  2. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    The same look one has when one takes apart an old cash register that someone hauls to the dump and finds a twenty and a hundirt dollar bill.Been there.Done that!

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