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Original Cushions! Are These For you?

We are gonna start showing Kent O. Smith Jr’s photos tomorrow and into the big Lake Tahoe Show this weekend. Wow, this is always a very crazy two weeks from the east coast to the west. To keep us occupied look at these original seat cushions on ebay! Yes ORIGINAL Red cushions, with the Coast Guard tag still on them. GAAAAAA! I can tell you that it would cost more to make some and they would not be original.


The big question is…. What are they for. I did reach out to the seller, and his response is below.

“These cushions have been in our family and stored for many years. They were given to me to use on a motor boat I own. Unfortunately they did not work out and rather than store them again I have decided to sell them. They were used on one of several Chris Craft vintage boats the family owned in the past. They can be used for seats or backs and are certified as you see on the label and the attached straps as flotation devices…!!! The material is a heavy duty vinyl and they are very well made. All seams are complete and each cushion weighs approximately 3 1/2 pounds.”

The measurements of the cushions are on the listing. So best guess could get you some amazing original cushions.

I am going to guess Late 40’s early 50’s And a Rivera. But that is just a guess.


Okay, that was fun.. PHOTOS tomorrow! From what I have seen, its so worth the wait. Kent O. Smith Jr work is amazing.

Kent’s amazing photo captures the fun in Clayton. I have seen this boat LIQUID ASSET at Katz’s Marina and its amazing.

Also we have Steve Lapkin in Lake Tahoe who will be doing the same.

Steve Lapkin’s work is amazing as well, and we are very proud to be able to bring such high quality art to you all. Thanks Steve, and the other Steve, Steve Natale and Kent for the hard work to help promote our passion! This is gonna be an amazing two weeks here on Woody Boater

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    LOL! Definitely not from a “Rivera” bit a Riviera is possible. To resurrect an old debate…If you buy these cushions and “re”build a boat around them, does it count as restored?

    • Robert Schoepe
      Robert Schoepe says:

      Do your cushions have the straps? How bout the tags? Are yours throw-type flotation cushions?

  2. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    Matt – if you attempt to purchase the cushions, hopefully you don’t get the following message:

  3. Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson says:

    Doesn’t the CG tag read 1960? That would imply it is from a later year boat, but it looks earlier than that.

  4. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    Y’all are beginning to wake up?

    You are the “new, young, experts”, now , Do It Right!

    I can we-write what my forebears have said about this, I have responded in magazine articles and books?

    You must go beyond what the Mariners’ Museum shows you here?

  5. Robert Schoepe
    Robert Schoepe says:

    I think they may be throw cushions. It looks like a set because they match and are together. Perfect match for my 1940 15.5.

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