It Was like Stepping Into A Hornets Nest Of Old Wood Boats!

Fellow Woody Boater Jonathon contacted me a couple weeks ago about a barn find Whirlwind he had found at a estate sale. Jonathon had not gone there for a boat, didn’t own a boat, nor want a boat… BUT…A perfectly preserved Whirlwind?

2hrs later its in his garage..  It needed a motor and trailer. He said he had a line on a Mercury motor and trailer and was going to take a look. OK, fun barn find story… But then I get this frantic call the other night at around 10 pm.. “You’re not going to believe this”, was the voice mail. OK.. I’m hooked. Driving back from a all day focus group to DC. I had more than enough time to talk.. I wonder what sort of motor he found. “I bought 4 boats… and there are more” What? Wow wow slow down. What? Oh poor Jonathon. Its like he got a full dose of the disease in one hit. Some race boats, some not and one killer little whirlwind. Poor poor Jonathon… at this rate, he is going to wind up in a 40 ft  Chris Craft….. I suggested a couple pints of varnish and a roll of sand paper and that may cure the problem… In the mean time.. were was that barn full of boats… More to come…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Sudden onset of Wood Boat Madness. Bound to become chronic. Better Triple up on WoodyBoater's perscription. Look foward to the rest. Congradulations. Better You Than Me. Good Luck.

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    its an evolution. I am trying different ways to make the site easier to navigate. Surprisingly its the exact same content but split up. I agree, its a tad crammed. I am working on that. Any other feedback from the peanut gallery would be a help… Thanks for the feedback.

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