It’s So Much More Than Just A Boat House Find!

Allen and his find!

Yesterday we got some fantastic images and story in from Allen Mackin and Bob Kays who went on a trip to look at a “Boat in a boathouse” A couple hours later she made it back to Katzs Marina where Allen is manager. This is a personal boat for Allen, not a marina boat. And thus is the wonderful part of this story.

Saun, Shawn, Shaun looking it over.These photos in the boathouse from Bob Kays are pure gold!

Oh yeah! Sticker 2012

She ran when she was put in there

This amazing U22 is proof, that they are still out there, in there, over there and right there under your nose. It’s also living breathing proof that “younger people” are into a fun boat house barn pick like we all are. That passion and flutter in the stomach is timeless. These images and story is timeless. And the best part of it all, is we will all enjoy the benefits of this find, because Allen will use this boat.

Dusty and perfect

Woody 6 Volters and the Sons Of Varnish Lake Hopatcong Chapter were all over this. They are rival gangs, The Woody 6 Volters just never can get started, and the Sons Of varnish are always to tired from all the sanding. So its all good! As long as they keep finding boats…

She had a 5200 bottom put on her in the late 1980’s, Needs a transom, and has a very nice 302 Engine. Oh yeah. I LOVE THAT! No guilt crap about original engines. Its gone so you are free to use whatever you like, and because its a U22 you are not saving the last three of a kind. Its a fun, young, boat.

Lets wrap this up

So, how do you extract a boat that’s been sitting in a boat house since forever and not really been moved in a decade ish? Well, here are some fun photos to show you how. Gotta love tarps. That’s just large duck tape for some of us.

Like any good Woody Boater reporter, we sit around while the others do all the work! HEY, we all have our roles in life.

Yikes! SHIRT PLUG! These will be available in the STUFF STORE SOON!

That’s some cold water Allen! Keep the camera click’n Bob!

Lower her down

It’s Christmas in April! Or its the largest bag of Jiffy Pop I have EVER seen!

Oh god! It floats!

Isn’t that cute, her first boat show! OUCH… Too Soon?

What could go wrong?

And back at the Ranch’zs.. That’s a play on Ranch and Katz’s.. Sorry, back to the story. I am just giddy happy for the guys. What a fun adventure, and thrilled to have them share it all with us on this Sunday

Are those side covers? With a top? Oh heck ya!

Well.. Someone was having fun… Just sit in the truck there. Sean, Shawn Shaun just making sure she isn’t gonna sink or rip the bow off

Now that is a very proud owner!

Woody Boaters Rule!

So then the drive home. The marina is JAMMED! They are very busy and have been all winter. Alan had to take her to his house to clean her up with his kids. A family affair.

Oh GAWWWWWD!  WOW – She cleaned up gooood!

All set

Fresh water 302. I bet this sucker is started by today!

Stay tuned for the updates from Allen and Lake Hopatcong! Here is to the future, here is to passion, here is to All Woody Boaters out today and getting this summer started. Thanks again to Bob Kay’s for the photos, ( He has Calendars as well ) Allen for a fun adventure, Shawn, Sean, Shaun, and the rest of the Katz’s Gang for keeping it all going!

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  1. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    Whats not to love about a story like this ? Great find 5200 bottom later v8 for power It does not get any better for a 22 Sportsman. I have seen a few 22’s that the owner made rear facing seats similar to these but most just had a cushion made for the seat only and not an upholstered back. Pretty cool. I’ve owned 2 of these one a project whiteside and one an all mahogany user boat with v8 power, much fun,great family boat Thanks for the story this morning.

  2. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    Two questions: what was the purpose of the tarp, if it was to make sure there were no leaks, couldn’t you just lower the boat in the boat house while the boat is still hanging?

    Is there any idea how many Chris Craft were built over the years and how many are known to exist?

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    The purpose of the tarp is double make sure. Its an easy thing to do vs raise a sunk boat that has no power.

  4. mahoganymadness
    mahoganymadness says:

    I see they had a lot of confidence in that 5200 bottom that was on it!!…great story that’s how I got my first boat also..except we kept the trailer strapped to it going across the lake

  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Great for Allen…!! Boat is super but I really like the boathouse as well…..neat and neat stuff still in there.

    John in Va. ; Go Cavaliers! then Go Boating

  6. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Neat story! The boat and boathouse are really cool. Good pictures of it all. Great find.

  7. Briant
    Briant says:

    Uhm. Is that really the same boat…hanging about in a boathouse covered in dust and filth and then all cleaned up? And how can a boat that nice after the cleaning have a rotten transom? Just wondering.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      It kind of looks to me like the transom might have been stripped to refinish and left unfinished for some time. It also could have baked in the sun if the door was left open. Lots of possibilities.

    • Ronald
      Ronald says:

      I think the boat house door was left up for most or all the time it has been hanging and the weather/sun cooked all the varnish/stain off the transom. It would be nice to hear the story as to why it was left in the boathouse that long?

  8. Matt
    Matt says:

    She started up today! Dang! Needs some transome repair for sure. We will be up there around the 16th to deliver WECATCHEM for her spring spruce up.

  9. tom
    tom says:

    What a great find.Was it actually hanging for years?I would think the bottom would lose some shape after that time.What’s with the pink insides of the engine box? I think I’d convert over to dual exhaust. Lots of luck with it and hope to see it out this season sometime.

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