Ladies And Gentlemen, Pull Out Your Bob Speltz Books, It’s Time To Play “Whatizit”


Hello my fellow Woody Boaters, you to can play. Just sit there with your cup of joe and have at it.

We got this great email in from Russ Whitford who is clearly jazzed about his new Woody Boat. It’s cool as all get out , dang I love stuff like this..Here is Russ’s email..

Hi Matt,

I was given your name by the people at Aristocraft Boats. I bought the boat pictured two weeks ago and don’t know who built it. There are no markings or plaques of any kind on it. The windshield reminded me of Aristocraft Boats.

Love the blond decks.. very cool stuff for sure. You can click on the image and it will bow up.. As in gets larger.. no explosions..

This boat was stored in a heated garage for 50 years. It is like a new boat. The past owner’s widow said it was built in 1954 but that’s all she knew about it. Construction is board/batten and the bungs are putty, not plugs. I’m certain it was never re-varnished or even the bottom re-painted. The masking line on the waterline stripe is clearly only one masking job.

The original engine was an Evinrude 30 but it is missing. There are the controls and a manual in the glove box. But nothing about the boat itself. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t home built because the joinery is exceptional.

Gotta love that simple dash and steering wheel.

Would you or your website be able to help me identify this boat?

Russ Whitford
Milwaukee, WI

Here is the boat without our host in it. Have at it.

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  1. andreas
    andreas says:

    Possibilities for Wisconsin built: Streblow; Inland Lakes in Madison; Inland Marine, Beauvais, or Globe Marine all at Williams, Bay; Pabst (Isle La Plume); Gage; Schneider Boats in Milwaukee.

    It is NOT a Thompson or Cruisers, inc. or T & T Boats or Carver or Chetek…

  2. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    My 2 cents, I think it was homemade or a really nice kit. If it was new in 54, and been in that garage wouldnt you by a new boat from any dealer with a real trailer not a homebuilt one?

  3. brian t
    brian t says:

    This nice little boat is sitting on a trailer ????!

    Russ – To protect your new addition please check out:

    This yellow trailer you can then give to your kids so that they may have the coolest go kart in the neighborhood !

  4. The Central Scrutinizer
    The Central Scrutinizer says:

    Rick, you and I think alike. The registration numbers jumped out at me also. But if they are really from the 1950s, it may be a lost cause to go to the DMV. Without computers, those were probably archived long ago in a place far, far away.

    I think it may be home built. There is just something about that windshield that does not look quite right. Maybe it was added later, but could you get something like that in the 1950s? It is a pretty boat with the blonde wood. I recently saw an outboard Shepherd with decks kinda like that.

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    I’m sorry but I have no idea re the origin of your boat Russ. I agree that the blond decks give it added charm. Congratulations and have fun with it!

    Re the header caption “Start Your Day At 1500 RPM,” that might not be a universally calm thought. By example… In an M-powered 25′ Sportsman, perhaps that’s serene. But in a Scripps-powered one (with a 400 RPM idle), you could be towing a skier. Hey ARRRGH!, do we need a little asterix next to the caption pointing to a disclaimer? What would you suggest?

    • ARRRGH!
      ARRRGH! says:

      Not yet, 1500 is a good “no wake” idle for the Dora Canal! HA! (I did go throough Dora Canal one dark December night at 2000 rpm – adjusting wake speed with jet drive clam shell – found a few ole soreheads, but that’s another story). Nope, 1500 is a good wake board speed I should think!

      • Pumpkin
        Pumpkin says:

        Don’t be trying to steal credit or good stories, now ARRRGH!. I’m the one with the clam shell and olud as hell 454, Daddy-O!

          • Texx
            Texx says:

            Ha – Ever since Matt got wrapped up in the ZipperGate scandal, he’s been on this “correctness” kick…

            And don’t blame me, I had nothing to do with it – really!

  6. Alex
    Alex says:

    BTW, I just realized after all this time I have no idea who the guy is holding the microphone. Maybe I’m thrown off the scent by his duds. Anybody we know Matt, or did you stop some guy on the street, say “here, hold this,” and snap his photo?

  7. Bill
    Bill says:

    theres that boat in the header pic. again with the incorrect zipper tab. that just spoils the whole boat who ever owns it should take time to find the correct parts.

  8. Russ Whitford
    Russ Whitford says:

    I did check with the DMV. There is no record of this boat in their system. I’m not surprised as it has not been registered for 50 years. That would be some serious, vacuum tube machine to store that data.

    Thanks for the guesses, Andreas. I will check with others in Wisconsin if that could be the origin.

    The trailor works great. It is heavy duty, has nice springs, forged axle and 15″ wheels. There is no damage to the bottom from the bunks but I’ll consider building better support if I trailer it any distance. Fortunately, the boat launch is 1 1/2 miles away.


  9. Larry Forget
    Larry Forget says:

    .. Blond deck wood could be YELLOW – JACKET, via Roy
    Rodgers. ..Green windshield was offered in 1956 at ARISTO-CRAFT boats Atlanta ,Ga. Like your opening comment . new owner was referred there. ..YES, what does Motor Vehicle state.?

  10. matt
    matt says:

    You are free to call it whatever you want. I recomend coming up with your own name.. Or better yet. The name of the guy who built it.. HAve fun with the individual history of it.

  11. Jay Wagner
    Jay Wagner says:

    Are you the Russ that works with Anita at VRB? If you are call me on my cell. Anita has the number. Thanks Jay from Kaestners

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