Making Mr. Riva Proud – "Perlita Too" Restoration Update


For James Ferris & Caroline Di Diego, September 2010 is an important date. Three years ago, in September 2007, they decided it was finally time to move forward with the extensive restoration of “Perlita Too” a rare 1953 Riva Tritone speedboat.

Chris Casparis from Sea Sonic Boat Company was chosen for the project, arrived at James & Caroline’s home on Lopez Island, north of Seattle and delivered the boat back to his work shop in British Columbia, Canada to begin the restoration process.

In 2009 James and Caroline developed a web site named Perlita Too – The Barn Find Riva which details the Discovery, History & Restoration of the Riva Tritone. If you are a regular reader of WoodyBoater you have probably been following the restoration, and if your not a regular reader you can follow the project by clicking on the Perlita Too link on the right of the home page here at WoodyBoater.

The most recent restoration update titled “Making Mr. Riva Proud” marks a significant milestone in the overall project – the beginning of the stain and varnish application, or as some would call it, the beginning of the end! Here’s a few images of the amazing progress…

Nearly 700 linear feet of painstakingly hand-laid spruce inserts on the decks.

Fitting the windshield shapes and hardware.

Finally after three years, some color!

The “Beginning of the End”

One step at a time…

Another step…

Close to the End… More color!

For the complete story on “Perlita Too” and this remarkable restoration project, join James and Caroline on their site by clicking here. They also enjoy hearing your comments.


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  1. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    I have seen this boat a couple of times over the past year, and I get to see it again tomorrow at Chris's shop. It is going to be unbelievable, probably the nicest Riva on the planet. The Scripps V12 looks as nice as the boat. Watch out best of show everywhere and anywhere – the bar is being raised.

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Wow, Ive never taken the time to check out the site but boy what a treat.
    I watched the video about the Catalina race boats and the Riva, over coffee this morning. Set me up for the day. What a restoration.

  3. Custom Boat Covers
    Custom Boat Covers says:

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