Mariah Gets Her Letters – The Lettering Of Mariah The On Golden Pond US Mail Boat

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Alan laying out the type on paper first. ALL BY HAND! The way god intended lettering to be done!

Here it is, live-ish. We have been getting in images all day of the event. This is always one of my favorite times, when it all comes together.. Or apart.. but with all the planning and world class support.. Its all looking fantastic. Alan Johnson does it again! Captures those 80’s fonts like a pro.. Its like Alan Johnson meets Don Johnson, with some Magic Johnson.. OK NO JOHNSON JOKES PLEASE!

Its a double take, Just add the blue shadow..


And next the sides

Add the red border on the type

The blue shadow on the transom, the red is from a light..

And the windows. Both windows were deemed unsafe and had small cracks. More on that later.

And this shot in at 3:30 PM Its lookn good!

Stay tuned for more updates and big news on Woodys For boobies – only 14 and half days til Lake Dora!



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  1. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    OMG! That lettering is so perfect!  No doubt machines everywhere are green with envy at the Master’s touch!

  2. sean slats
    sean slats says:

    The boats look great!  The lettering jobs look awesome.  Wish I could see them in person.  I wonder what you’re planning on doing with the old transoms?  Are they going to a museum?  Are they to be auctioned off by Mecum?  Or are they going to whomever donates the most to Woodies for Boobies?  Just read a coffee table book on transoms and got to thinking.

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