Off The Grid, Off The Chart, Tomorrow We Travel Off Road To Find Heaven!


Far up North hours away from big city life, down a long dirt road sits a treasure spot that some of the old folks in the hobby know about, but is off the digital grid. Until tomorrow, MONDAY. Tomorrow we visit a special place where rebuilt 6 volt Lovett pumps, rare wood wheels, oil cans, and other much needed detailed reproduced parts live in a barn covered with passion and a desire to keep our classic boats the way the gods intended!
So you say why are we not publishing this stuff today? Why torture us Woody? Well, have you looked outside? It’s cold, and no one is boating. So we gotta milk this stuff for all we can. Plus it makes it more fun. Some of you will guess, but you won’t have exclusive images and access to stuff not on the internet YET! Don’t spoil the fun if you know. You don’t want to miss all the goodies that are not on the web, and burred away. So tune in tomorrow, meet a new sponsor and enjoy the goodies.

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  1. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    If it is who and where I suspect, it will be a wonderful trip…I’ve never met him either so it will be great to know more about him, his place and his collection…And if it is not who I suspect….Well it ought to be just as wonderful.

  2. Gary
    Gary says:

    When I got my boat it had a Sutton two piece bilge pump in it which needed work along with the boat. I replaced it with a 6 Volt Rule and now am wanting to rebuild the Sutton model LPA 6. Is help on the way tomorrow?

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Here I sit waiting for tomorrow, which is actually today, but since this was written yesterday than today is tomorrow.

    I know you get it.

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