Please Save This Rare Barn Find Twin Engine Red & White From The Chain Saw! NOW!

Want to restore a killer Red and White. This one is worthy! Are you?

Want to restore a killer Red and White. This one is worthy! Are you?

Thanks to long time fellow West coast Woody Boater Richard Dow for sharing this extremely rare chance to save an amazing boat! If you are interested in saving the boat please email Richard at the email at the bottom of the story! This boat NEEDS to be saved ASAP!


Here is fellow Woody Boater Jim Frechette’s stunning Red and White with a Bimini top as seen in the barn photo.. Image your self cruising down the water ways..


Here is the factory ad image.. Wow, pure art deco goodness

Another Dusty 25’ Chris Craft…

As long as we are on the subject of saving the wonderful boats Chris Craft built based on their proven 25’ hull, I’ll add another to the mix, my favorite model, the 25’ “Red & White” Express Cruiser. In this case, one that I’ve known about for 28 years but thought was gone. And better yet, – it’s one of the rare twin-engine models!

Still in the barn, you can even put all the dust in a jar!

Still in the barn, you can even put all the dust in a jar!

In 1939, Chris Craft introduced their newest, most advanced concept at the Chicago World’s Fair. The “Boat of the Future” was stunning: An exercise in Art Deco with a large swooping windshield, streamlined hardware, wing-shape influences in the bow light and stern pole, a tapered, painted horn cover with stainless steel accents and the largest cutwater they had ever installed, one that split at the top to show off and accent the new, rounded bow design, the first use of what would become known later as the bullnose, a defining Chris Craft feature for years. Topping it off was a radical finish scheme – there was no varnish anywhere on the boat! Everything forward of the windshield and below the gunwales was white, (with a few red accents) everything aft of the windshield? Red. Chris Craft built 370 of these boats, 68 prior to WWII. The consensus is that a total of 70 were twin engine.

Another stunning reminder of how cool this could look all done, only you would be screaming down the water with twin 283's.- Photo Don Ayers. "Old Paint"

Another stunning reminder of how cool this could look all done, only you would be screaming down the water with twin 283’s.- Photo Texx. “Old Paint” If you are interested in skipping the restoration. You can buy ‘Old Paint” right HERE

Late last week the folks at the Foss Waterway Museum in Tacoma contacted Rob DaPron with the information that one of their neighbors had asked if they knew anyone who would be interested in a boat that had been in their possession for over 30 years – A 1947 Chris Craft Red & White. Rob contacted me, as he was out of town and knows I have a passion for this model. I arranged to go look at the boat a couple days ago.

Hey! It's a barn find! But a rare one for sure.

Hey! It’s a barn find! But a rare one for sure.

I had been told about this boat when I was beginning the restoration of “Tango” in 1986 and saw it from a distance in their main building when I cruised by the boatyard. It was gone the next time I went by and I assumed the worst. It turns out the boat, owned by the son of the family operation (3rd decided to put it away for a while, intending to restore it at a later time. We know how that often turns out and now, 30 years later, the passion for the boat remains, but the project is no longer a priority and the goal is to find it a new home. The shipyard has a new owner.

You can see by the photos that the boat has been sitting for a long while. It is correctly blocked, dry and straight, just as you would expect to see in a shipyard. The cutwater, windshield and most of the stainless hardware is there. The manual shift levers and steering gear are in place. Missing, but presumably in a box on the premises are the lifting rings and other miscellaneous bits and pieces. The horn cover is not there but the bow light in the picture is likely original. This is a late 40’s hull and many were not shipped with the unique “witches cap” casting after the war.

Here is how cool the red interior could be! Old Paint - Photo Don Ayers

Here is how cool the red interior could be! Old Paint – Photo Texx

The boat is available and a worthy project for someone with the energy, vision and passion. I’m tempted, but it makes no sense for me as I still have my 1936 20’ GarWood Sedan as well as a Morgan +4 to do, not to mention the boats that are already done and need maintenance. Besides, I’ve already restored one of these – but it wasn’t a twin – Darn!

Oh, one last thing about this particular boat – see the oddball engine boxes? It was repowered with Chris Craft 283’s! The motors are early conversions with all-aluminum housings, including the exhaust manifolds…

Just a spit of paint and you are going boating..ish, kinda.. The price is right though!

Just a spit of paint and you are going boating..ish, kinda.. The price is right though!

Let’s save this one! Once again, if you are interested in Saving this rare Red And White, email Richard here.

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    OH MY WORD! What a piece of history.

    I lust over the “Red and Whites” even talked with Jim about Old Paint at Dora this spring.

    It would be hard to beat the quality of Old Paint at that price, but twin 283’s vs an M would make for quite a different experience.

    Where is this boat and what do they want for it?

  2. matt
    matt says:

    Hi Troy, the boat is in Washington State. The price is beyond insane good! Worth the trip and towing. Richard is trying to secure a trailer to at least get it out of the situation its in. Email Richard if you are interested at

    Richard is a fantastic guy and knows these boats like the back of his hand.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Heck we are headed to St. Louis in the middle of August to pick up two ’58’s we might as well just keep going. We will already be half way there.

      • Rory
        Rory says:

        I am ready for the trip to St Louis! Getting excited and anxious all at the same time. Just tell me when you want to go to Washington….

  3. Cliff
    Cliff says:

    This is the year for free boats, the problem is there are only so many if us that can take it and they are never truly free. This is the 1957 Sea Skiff I got out of Cape Cod a few weeks back it was originally from Ohio. The trailer it was on split down the middle and I had an emergency. Had to return back to Ohio to get a trailer from Dennis Ryan (yes of Anntique Boat) go back to Buzzards Bay and re-load the boat. That was a lot of gasoline running through that Denali. It was worth it, my sisters kids are going to get a boat of their own in a few years. They are 5 and 3 now so this will work out fine

  4. John W.
    John W. says:

    Yep. Free is an expensive term. Just treked five days and 2,100 miles for a “free” U-22 from Jordan Heath. About a dollar a mile after expenses. But the road trip was priceless!

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    C’mon Paul. I’ve got mine.

    They’re all the rage.

    It’d be a great cocktail cruiser for you and Karen. Picture yourself drinking White Russians with little red umbrellas.

    • WoodyGal
      WoodyGal says:

      Hi Alex, glad you have yours! These are fun boats! A towable length, you can sleep on it and the cool factor is waaayyyy up there. Great boats for cruising with a ton of people on board. Put a cherry in my drink, please?

  6. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    Dick, sell the Garwood Sedan! You have Red and White in your veins!

    What could do a better job of inspiring you to do a restoration than a twin engine Red and White?
    You have told me before that you regret ever selling Tango!

  7. Randy
    Randy says:

    Wow, $33.5k for a fully restored R&W with a trailer is an incredible price!!!!!!!!

    Next to the Martinique this is my absolute fav ‘runabout’.

  8. Randy Mueller
    Randy Mueller says:

    … oh Dick, this sounds like the ‘mystery’ runabout I heard about back in the mid-80’s when I worked on a project at Martinac for a short while. I had my plastic sailboat at that time (forgive me) and did not search it out.

    So this could be the ‘rest of the story’.

  9. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Red and white, just imagine how well it will match the big Canadian flag they will proudly fly from the stern.

    It just makes too much sense, so can we just have Richard ship it to Paul COD?

  10. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Yes Randy, it’s the same one – We can’t let these boats disappear!

    I’ll never forget meeting you for the first time up in Victoria harbor – a couple of curious people who saw a boat at the dock that resembled their Martinique and just had to look into the cabin, -on their knees through the portholes- not knowing someone was in there changing clothes… 🙂

  11. jim g
    jim g says:

    Years ago I drove a 49 25′ twin engine sportsman that had had the M’s replaced with Chris 283’s. It was a blast to drive.

  12. Cobourg Kid
    Cobourg Kid says:

    Recently resurrected by YNot Yachts of Pittsburgh “Eulipion”, a Red & White Express, (hull number 206) that left the Chris Craft factory on June 5, 1947 nuzzles the west pier during the 2013 edition of the Antique and Classic Boat Museum’s boat show.

    This year’s show will take place from Friday August 1st to Sunday August 3rd in beautiful Downtown Clayton NY

  13. Stan Petersen
    Stan Petersen says:

    When I first saw Dick’s appeal, my heart skipped a beat. I had the honor of restoring Little Nell II. She had spent about 40 years owned by a Dr and his wife,Nell. Age forced them to sell, finally ending up with Mark Evans in CT. I saw his ad in Rudder and brought her to Florida. When finished, Mrs. Rhodes came from Detroit to see, feel and drive her boat.
    Loosing boat house space forced me to sell to collector in CA, who in turn traded her for a Corvette with a fellow in NJ. These boats really do get around. The R&W is truly my favorite boat.

  14. Archie Packard
    Archie Packard says:

    Picture this. Thanks to Dick D., I lived this for almost a decade. Meet Comet! Twin Model K’s:) I restored her. She’s in Australia now, Ahoy Mate! So anyway…there’s not a better boat/design afloat! Somebody save her. I did my part:)

  15. tim
    tim says:

    I’ve got a barn find.1959 30′ chris craft cavalier that has spent 35 years in a barn in Maine. All original with twin 238’s. Am searching for the buyer or advice of what to do with this gorgeous boat that is need of some restoration.

  16. Jim
    Jim says:

    Richard, the barn find that must be saved is what kind of woodie ? Where ? do you have more pics to email
    Thank You
    Capt Jim B

  17. Dallas Cooley
    Dallas Cooley says:

    Anyone have an update on this Red & White currently? Is it available? Any information is appreciated!

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Hi Dallas – We will try to follow up on what happened with this Red & White. I don’t think it ever sold, but that was a while ago now. There are a few Red & Whites listed for sale on the brokerage sites right now.

      • Dallas Cooley
        Dallas Cooley says:

        Thank you Texx! I found one twin engine but it’s tough to find comparisons to know the value. I would not be opposed to restoring this one at all!

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