Rainy Day Classic Boat Fun!


Poking out for the rain

Sometimes a rainy day is fantastic. The gods have said, no Splash Mob today so go work in the barn. No way to go Woody Boating. Or is there? After all owning a classic boat is half in the barn fun as well. Learning, and feeling her history, maybe one turn of the ratchet at a time.

Pull that engine out

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the rainy day and yank Stinky’s retired engine.”Retired” as in she was tired already and we re used her over and over. Until.. Well, she Re-tired, to death, or maybe more like a coma. Well, maybe just a bad hip, either way she is headed to VanNess  for a complete race rebuild over the winter. We kept her going for two years with duck tape and paint! This will be fun. We are going to hot rod the H. Will be a fun winter story adventure.

Here she comes

In the mean time, we also have been having a ton, or a couple of tons of fun with the new pulleys. That engine came out in minutes.

That Engine has Legs

Insert Jimmy does all the work Jjokes here. ________________ And then Jimmy said____________ Oh Yeah_____________ Laugh Track laugh.  Here is a video of the event.

Jimmy had the engine home in his barn in no time, reporting, that Valves were stuck open and a burned through Head gasket. Story on that later.  Lets just say, they dont make them like they used to.

Ready for the trip home

Head gasket. Oh boy

Of course we were able to take a boat ride anyway. SWEET PEA is actually quite pleasant in the rain.

Happy Bride!

Saved by the boat ride

Back in the barn to organize tools – This is the Metric drawer. Dont use those much anymore. Porsche Days.

Every drawer gets a type tool. – Love me a Pipe wrench

Rainy day barn fun – Stinky and Buttercup waiting for some Summer fun.

Meanwhile in Eric Zelman’s new barn, he spent the day coating one of his boats. Note how perfect he is about clean and organized. I bet he spells every word right as well.

His finish’s are amazing and look like the boat was dipped in plastic. NO SPRAY!

AND TUNE IN TOMORROW FOR WHAT COULD BE THE MOST ORIGINAL BARN FIND OF THE SUMMER SO FAR!  Here is a photo of the engine! Original finish, original interior, with every option of the day! A treasure trove of correctness. Katz’s Marina find!

Blue carbs? Yup! Confirmed original from factory!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    We had nothing but sunshine here all summer until Mayer showed up for the Winecountry boat show and brought a heavy dose of Oregon grey and rain.

    So what is the plan for stinky? You aren’t planning to put that underpowered 4 banger back in are you? If you don’t do the v12, I say at least go KBL or SBC so it has a little pep.

    • MikeM
      MikeM says:

      Hey hey hey….a little summer rain is nice for a day or two.

      And a hot rodded six will be perfect for that little boat. Jimmy would need a lot of Crisco if Matt wanted him to squeeze a SBC in that little space.

      If this hobby had more young people that knew how to install motors things might be different.

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        A v8 would be shorter than the inline 4+2 they pulled out, and there is plenty of width if they wait until it is through the hatch before bolting the exhaust on. Young people would have no problem with that engine swap. We need more of them in the hobby for sure.

  2. Hugger69
    Hugger69 says:

    Hey there,
    I agree with a engine swap, you should go with a real Flathead, a Ford V8 and get that boat some attitude! 😀
    Btw, shouldn’t your boat lights beside the doors sit the opposite way….? Here in Sweden you always have the green light on the right side, St when entering a harbor…

      • Hugger69
        Hugger69 says:

        Wow, you guys over there always twist it! 🙂
        I thought it was an international rule at sea but clearly it isn’t…we have green on right when returning from ocean!
        And when are you really gonna accept the metric system? 😉

  3. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    The heavy storms held off in Hammondsport until Saturday’s outside events were done. Besides, we need the rain.

    Great to see Mike and Joanne Mayer.So glad they were able to make it back for the show honoring Fred/Hank the Plank.

    Looks like Moon’Em will stay in the hoist and I’ll drive to Hammondsport for the show wrap up and clean up-it could be a long wet 10 miles.

  4. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    I’ve got the 390 Caddy from my 16′ racer if you really want to move. It was built for racing in the 60s. Problem is it is almost on plane at idle. Also have a 1937 K. Probably better with a post war K. 20 more ponies and user friendly.

  5. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    I’d just keep her stock rather than trying to turn her into something she’s not. Slow and steady wins the race.

  6. Eric Z
    Eric Z says:

    Matt, that’s if the plastic finish was “orange peel”! Rolled her out for a sanding and prep for coat #2 before the rain starts again-

    • MikeM
      MikeM says:

      It’s always interesting to see how other people work on their boats. I have a “Finish Room”….EricZ has an “Anti-Gravity Room”. Hadn’t seen that before. Looks like a good way to do it.

  7. charley quimby
    charley quimby says:

    I bet a lot of us gear heads have a “metric drawer” in our tool boxes. How many of us have a “Whitworth/British Standard” drawer? Kept all that stuff from my British Bike days… Bet Jim Staib has a few stashed away in a tool drawer somewhere, too… CQ

  8. Jeff
    Jeff says:

    SBC ? By the looks of some of Stinkys videos that lil flathead moves along just fine or more then fine. I’ve got my mercury flathead engine sitting and waiting. 😁 So all this talk about young people getting into the old boats . I have to ask… what is young … 20’s ? 😁😁😁

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