Riviera Barn Find Including A 5200 Bottom!

There is a Chris Craft in thar!

Fellow Woody Boater Helen and Dave, had fallen in love with a cool Riviera in the feild of dreams in Lake Dora, only the $35,ooo price tag made the dream not possible…. But, Dave kept searching.. Ya see Dave also likes E type jags, so he is for sure got a mental flaw, and needs to punish himself.

Daves stunning complete E type.

It could not just be any Chris Craft, it needed to be the kind that would require more work, And low and behold, he found one. It was a nice Riviera that had been  in the previous owner’s garage for over 21 years. Here is what Dave had to say about finding it.

“Six hours to remove from blocks, place on trailer and cover for the  seven hour drive home. Six hours included loading bits of engines and  other paraphernalia into the Tahoe. Here’s a sample of our exciting  day. I’m still excited!”

We could not say it any better.


Ready to go. Now if that E type can tow it!

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    • Dave Clyne
      Dave Clyne says:

      Oh, the fun has begun ! The Jag took nine years. A friend called it a monument to patience and perseverance. Fortunately the Riviera doesn’t have too far to go. Off to Gravenhurst this weekend to admire and further research…

  1. Paul h.
    Paul h. says:

    Love these barn finds, I am kind of partial to these kinds of stories. I really like the idea of some old boat, or car for that matter – being rescued and returned to use. Good luck with it Dave, and you may find that WB’s own Texx is now one of the foremost experts’on these boats!

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    you are so right about the Jag…this guy has lots of courage and less wisdom…..this is a great find though….hope he will allow us to follow the progress.

    John in Va.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Thats because I still can’t see this site with my iPhone. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the headline was, “oooo its spelled correctly, must be a Texx story!”

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    The back of the Tahoe holds such promise of what is to come, vs the Jag which promises to be such a headache. Still love the Jag though. Great find!

    • Dave Clyne
      Dave Clyne says:

      Unfortunately much of what is in the back of the Tahoe is junk. Except for the box containing all the replated chrome. I am enjoying the comments about the Jag. My ’96 Vanden Plas is the best car I have ever owned. To own and drive an E-type has been a dream for decades. “The most beautiful car in the world”. I love retirement !

  4. Dan
    Dan says:

    I own a Riviera and owned a Jag. You are much better off with the Riviera, at least it wont leave an oilspot on your driveway like the Jag!

  5. Paul h.
    Paul h. says:

    I bought a ’99 Jag XK-8 convert new, and loved it. But, it depcreciated at about $1400 a month and I sold it after three years because lifestyle changes made it impractical. It was a lovely car thuogh and was clearly based on the XK-E – one of my favorite designs of all time. I have never owned a Riviera (CC or Buick) but I have loved the classic boat experience. Come to think of it, the depreciation rate on the XK-8 makes even classic boat ownership look affordable!

    • Dave Clyne
      Dave Clyne says:

      Okay. Jaguar says, “Uncle.” Glad to have you help me celebrate my barn find. Every time I look at it I can see it finished and in the water.

      • Paul h.
        Paul h. says:

        Dave – I was fortunate enough to be able to acquire a ‘barn find” 1948 Sportsman a few years ago and it was a very fulfilling experience to bring it back to life and get it on the water for the first time since about 1972. I named it Barnwood because of the gentle patina that it retained – we were able to keep a great majority of the original planking. We featured it on here when I bought it – I simply love to see these barn finds of all types brought back. Lots of advice around as well – join the Chris Craft club and ask away, and everyone here is a great source of help, advice and when needed – inspiration.

        • Dave Clyne
          Dave Clyne says:

          Already joined CC club. Read about your Sportsman. Congratulations. Amazing story and magnificent engine. Thanks.

  6. Limulus
    Limulus says:

    Wow, great find! Good luck with the restoration. I also think the E-type is one of the most beautiful cars ever built. I remember back in the 70s, there were people who would pay you to take them away. But now, they’re collectible. About 12-yrs ago, I was in my Lotus behind an E-type at Road Atlanta. Something broke in his suspension and he spun right in front of me. I barely missed him at 100+ MPH. We both soiled ourselves.

  7. Larry Forget
    Larry Forget says:

    What City is this member DAVE in .?? One neighbor in North Chattanooga, TN here has a spare CHRIS engine , minus pan, not sure of head.. His exc Chris utility need a bottom.. My other Outboard friend, Steven, has a restored 67 Green E-Jag conv, he got long time ago for $ 500.

    • Dave Clyne
      Dave Clyne says:

      Summer we are near Arnprior, ON on the Ottawa River; winter we are in LaBelle, FL. These 16 footers had a reputation for being sluggish with the 60 hp. I do not have the original engine so my plan is to repower and follow the example of another owner who used a Mercruiser 120 hp with a Paragon transmission and claims this combination to be very successful. Thanks for lead, however. $500 for an E-type ? Those were the days !

  8. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    A wonderful barn find! The E type has always been my favorite Jag. I can live without owning one though!

  9. Randy Rrush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rrush-Captain Grumpy says:

    I feel your pain on the jag. My best friend and I spent an entire summer putting a 63 series I XKE Coupe. The motor and trans were in boxes. We put the whole thing togather by ourselves with a workshop manual , it was a rust bucket, but pretty cool for a couple of high school kids!

  10. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Great find! I would repower with a V-6 of some sort, but whatever you do will be great and a very satisfying experience. Our boat “Sindbad” is a barn find of sorts, and I’ve owned an MG, two Triumphs and a Jag at various times. The new chassis for my Morgan should arrive any day now. Guess what this coming winter’s project is??? Keep us posted!

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