Thayer IV See’s The Light!

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Thayer IV is out in the light at Katzs marina!

After a crazy weekend, Thayer IV 1460 the  main picture boat is out in the light. The motor for Marigh is done and ready to install. Bent rudder repaired and ready to go. We are looking at a possible water test tomorrow. Amazing..

the beauty of sun light and varnished mahogany. DANG

Her 100% original to the film intior DONE!

A blurry shot of the scoops all in place

Mariah's Dave VaNess motor all ready to go.

Stay tuned for more live updates as they happen on the On Golden pond boats journy to Dora!


8 replies
    • Captain Nemo
      Captain Nemo says:

      I don’t care if that hideous ladder was on it for the movie, I would have found a proper one.

  1. brian t
    brian t says:

    I agree. A beautiful boat with the ladder from hell. I would have just “forgot” to re-install it.

    But then again, original means original. 

  2. matt
    matt says:

    It s all part of the charm. Imperfection is perfection in my book. The snaps are ugly as well. But let me tell you when we were looking over the boats. the snaps were the most beutiful things I have ever seen!

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    Maybe the ladder, extra deck scoop, and snaps are the reason there was no “On Golden Pond 2 — Billy’s Revenge.”

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