The newest member of the family. A 1947 Trojan Hot shot Cottage racer.This is a very rare boat made in Troy NY not Lancaster. I have found an ad showing the boat in 1948. The owner I got it from said it was in NY though and the paper trail says 1947. Trojan in Troy was not doing well. Great boats. Weak Supply chain. So some folks bought the company in 1948 and moved it to Lancaster PA. Better rail system. Better over all. These boats were used for fishing, family and then raced. Seats came out. And dad would go out and bring home a trophy. The moter is a 1955. . Completely restored. Just needs a deck. I will be doing that this weekend, and painting it so I can at least get her in the water one time before winter…

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2 Responses to “1947 Trojan Hotshot Boat Cottage Racer”
  1. Steve Adelhoch

    I have a 12 ft (11’6”) 1953 trojan sea queen deluxe runabout that will be restored this year, everything original except the motor(1958 evinrude 18hp). Very nice to see another older and even more rare than mine!

  2. Nate

    I love this boat! Does anyone know of where I can find one that is for sale? Thanks!