We got this boat about 3 months ago. She needed, a deck, and elbow greece. I am proud to announce lil’ Suzy. Every nut and bolt and strip of wood is new. The final touches of graphics done by the famous Kaptain Krunch of Wino Sign Co. The boat was restored by Ron Prichard, and John “Boz” Pultz of NY. and Kaptain Krunch of Deltaville VA. Ok that’s the real story. Very Boring. The more interesting story is…
Right after World War II Captain Steve Smith, a P40 pilot in the South Pacific needing something fun to do at his families lake house in Upstate NY. He bought this boat from the Trojan Boat Co. in Troy NY. It promised to be the perfect little Cottage Racer. A classification of boats that could be used as family boats and then raced. You can remove the seats. And strip her down and race your brains out. Captain Steve became well known for winning races, but even more infamous for dive bombing his competitors. In one famous event Steve took out 3 competitors with his famous “wake of death”. After that event “Lil” Suzy, named after his plane, was permanently banned from racing on the lake. 50 years later, she has been found tucked away in a barn and soon to be unleashed on the poor souls of Reedville VA…

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4 Responses to “The story of a 1947 Trojan Hot Shot cottage racer”
  1. Nate

    I love this boat! Does anyone know where I can find one like this for sale? Thanks!

  2. Matt

    I think it’s for sale again. It used to be my personal boat and is perfect. Email me. Matt@ woodyboater.com

  3. moss cartwright

    not for sale!!!! i am thinking of taking her down to mt.dora.. right now tucked away in a heated barn..locked up.. with alarms… dogs.. as you can tell i love that boat.. thanks again for bringing her back to life…moss

    • Nate


      I’m glad you enjoy it so much; I love seeing it whip around Klinger. Please keep me in mind if you are ever interested in parting with that great boat.