No matter how hard I work on Sylvia, no matter how faithful I am to her, I still have a wondering eye. Bingo! Very original 1955 Chris Craft Cobra, no reserve. Owner claims it has been out of the water since 1977. I think I recall this boat being listed about 6 months ago. Not sure why it did not sell? Auction ends in 4 days… Mmmmm just enough time to take it to Mt Dora, and brag. There will be at least 3 Cobras at the Chris Craft tent this year, is there room for a 4th? Always….

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3 Responses to “Chris Craft Cobra On eBay, This may Be Your Big Chance.”
  1. rodney

    Do you have any more information on the chris craft Cobra that was on ebay and did not sell?

    • Texx

      Hi Rodney – That particular Cobra was purchased (either from the EBay listing or shortly after in 2008) by a fellow in Fresno, CA. He has been slowly restoring the boat since then. If you are looking for a Cobra, there are a few around if you check the brokerage listings on Woody Boater. – Texx