We made it all in one piece. The new location is amazing. Wider lake views. Amazing boats. The Chris Craft tent this year is over the top big time. 4 Cobras and A Barrel Back. The site of Classic Jersey Skiffs ripping through the air is amazing and energizing. Very originial one owner low hr boats. New Hackers, Everything is here…We will try and update through out the day at the show. It’s a grand experiment in new technology. mmmm Wireless aircards and the web, and double planked hulls. It could work!

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One Response to “We Are Here! Lake Dora Show Is Already A Winner!”
  1. Sea Skiffer

    thanks, keep rubbing it in…and its probably 75 degrees and sunny right (we have drizzle and 30s)!
    great shots, amazing boats, incredible variety…how about some video?