This is the big day. Lots of cool stuff. I will try and post three times today. Post comments if there is anything you would like to see, I will try and make this work. We also hit almost double the viewers yesterday than last week. Sylvia is holding her own, without her interior. She is the only 19 foot barrel back there. Amazing show, Amazing weather, amazing friends….Wooohooo.

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2 Responses to “More From Dora, Woody Boater Breaks Record Viewers,more to come stay tuned…”
  1. Sea Skiffer

    Your reward for all the trials and tribs with Slyvia…well deserved. Enjoy (and keep up the updates). Thanks

  2. El Mirage

    I’m glad you guys are having such good weather. I love the raceboat photos…keep them coming. If possible, click off some more of that Hacker gentlemans racer…It looks like my replica. 😉