This is how you want to buy a boat, from the orig owners. They are clearly having a temporary brain fart, thus your chance to swoop in and create a family fight later on. For the record , if my kids sell my orig boat that I have obviously loved for years on eBay and not some friend of the family. Call the cops. So there is no law preventing such things, but there outta be! What a sweet boat, all kidding aside, this is regardless of price the way to get a classic boat. You know what your getting, actually this price is way low for what you are getting. Consider all the wood work you would need to do, engine..yada yada.. A $1000 junker would cost 10K to restore. And no matter what you do to it, it’s not original. Ebay item #220251398977

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7 Responses to “Classic Original '57 Crestliner Voyager 18' convertible. OK It's Aluminum… But Daaang!”
  1. Anonymous

    I bought this boat last year and it is truly a time machine. It came with every piece of original paperwork, original catalog, even paperwork for the speedo, airhorn and battery box! And while it shows use, the patina is wonderful. The original upholstery is in great shape and the Tee Nee trailer is a classic on it’s own. Hope to have it in the water this summer with a ’61 full-gear-shift “tower of power” replacing the original dockbuster. A bit of a cop-out I suppose, but a little easier to handle.

  2. doug clark

    its a 56 ,57 has a different one piece strip on the side ,I got a 56 hard top to restore. and I have ben colecting old original info ,I have a 56 brocher. I have pictures if anyone is interested. I am trying to find out what this crestliner voyager hardtop cam with from the factory??

  3. Jody Keppers

    Truly an awesome find. I do believe it’s a ’56, though. Is that a matching red Merc motor? I think my ’57 Voyager looks great with its newer(’68) black Mercury, but that red and chrome look is beyond great!

  4. Jeff 56viking

    Where can you find a top like that? I have a 56 with an aftermarket bikini. I would really like to replace it with one like in the photo.

    • Brad waddell

      Hello my name is Brad Waddell I have a Crestliner that looks exactly like the one in the picture trying to find out more information about it maybe even what it would be worth possibly looking to sell don’t know what to ask for it maybe you could help

      • Rion

        You will find lots of information about your boat at and a classified ads page.

  5. Kim Meyer

    looking for the same convertible top and side windshield wind deflectors on your Crestliner. can you help?