OK, so we are in the weeds here, and in major wood geek land. But I love the name of the problem. So have at it. Winner gets the adulation of woody boater all over the world. Except for Wyoming, but that’s another story..

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4 Responses to “What's Wrong With This Picture? Hint, It's A Pre-War Chris Craft.”
  1. Forever1928

    Some pre war boats had blind fastened butt blocks. Some had bungs in the sheer plank (access issues) and blind on the rest of the hull. My 1928 has all blind fastened.

  2. Chad Durren

    That… and the Photoshop cloning isn’t as evident at the bottom of the pic as it is at the top. Sorry.

  3. woody boater

    Ahhhhh! Photoshop did not exist before WWII Mr smarty pants.. Good eye though. I had to remove a person that was reflecting. What is interesting though, is no one has caught the reed and prince screw. ahhhh!