What a great week. No internet. No Cell Phone. No TV, Cable, Ipods, spam, twittering, Wifi, NOTHING, but family and friends. Funny thing, I actually spoke to my children and wife for the first time in a while. mmm, I actually like them, should talk more often…But we are now back … I am webbing, and watching TV and talking on my phone all at the same time. It’s like crack. Here are some shots of the wood sunfish being striped and launched. Woohooo.

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2 Responses to “Classic Wooden Sunfish Sail Boat.”
  1. gabriel aguilera

    what a nice surprise! 😀 cheers from Venezuela! home of a 8times sunfish world champ!

  2. Tulio

    Hi, i wonder if theres is a posibilities to get the drawings plans…