Sometimes a photo says it all. Wet pavement. mmmmmm What a crying shame, I love how these shoes feel. But man-O-man a chevitz you walk on anything wet and you are going down. mmmm lets see, boats…. water… slick varnished decks, what could possibly go wrong?

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5 Responses to “Crocs. I am Torn… Literally!”
  1. Chad Durren

    Just take a rag and whatever is in that bucket and rub it clean before you get infected. Then apply a coat or two of CPES to prevent further bleeding. Then buff it out with wax or 3M finesse.

    I was wearing my croc flip flops at a resort in Mexico last year and took a “header” in the tile lobby – right next to one of those yellow plastic warning signs. What the heck does “PISO MOJADO” mean?

  2. woody boater

    Ha, My wife was laughing so hard she could not speak for 10 minutes. i found no humer in it by the way.. til the next day.. And yes my plaid shorts are the cats pajamas.. Walmart special

  3. Forever1928

    Last night I was putting my inboard (glass, woody is in the the shop)back on the trailer. Steped out of my truck with “topsiders” on. Alge and a steep ramp, on my back and in the water I went. The group of people having a picnic next to the ramp had a good laugh. Boating is sooo much fun!!!!