This unusual utility was custom built for Jay Smith when he was president of Chris Craft. There were three “Angler” boats this being the second. These three boats were very unique in that they were the only 21 foot boats produced with twin engines.The reason? Fear of breaking down. IF one engine goes out you have a backup… I love this boat for it’s history and just plain simple design. It truly defines the term Utility... The decks are different. And this one of course for sale like everything else these days. Click here to see more.

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5 Responses to “Woody Boat Of The Month. 1936 Chris Craft Utility. 1 of 3”
  1. woodboat

    Thank you for writing this site daily. I look forward to it every day. Roger

  2. woodboat

    Thank you for the daily content on your blog. I look forward to seeing it every day. You always have very interesting content. Roger

  3. Ken Miller

    Lord I have a hard enough time knocking my legs around on one gear shifter……let alone having to sit between TWO of them.

    Whats the one aft of the starboard engine, anyway? Some dort of James Bond ejector button?!?

  4. WoodyBoater

    HA, James Bond wasnt around then. To add to the cool factor, its a aft sterring stick. So you can steer the thing while fishing… Maybe for trolling! Just double your insurence if you get it. Its a slam dunk that your gonna hit something.

  5. Jim Staib

    Neat boats! They were used for hunting and fishing. Problem is they have a pair of model B engines that both turn the same way. Boat “Dogtracks” After WWII they had a group of twin engine 25′ Sportsmans made for the family and friends. I had one for several years.