In honor of MLK day we here at woody boater reach out to all boaters out there. The Fiberglassics, The Aluminumers. The Steel hulls, Those Boats that are really cars….or is it cars that are boats…, Rubber rafts, Floating bath tubs, Pontoon boats, and yes….ugh….even Jet Ski’s… But just today on those. Happy MLK Day.

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5 Responses to “"We May Have All Come On Different Ships, But We're In The Same Boat Now." Martin Luther King”
  1. Anonymous

    Ok maybe the pontoons and even jet ski’s but no rag boaters! Ok maybe if it is a really cool Alden but that’s it!

  2. Anonymous

    I am an inclusive kind of guy – I got woodies, classic glass, a pontoon and a SeaDoo (at least it is a quiet 4 stroke), inboards, outboards, a raft and even kayaks. Don’t care what it is – if you’re on the water having fun, that’s what it’s all about.


  3. WoodyBoater

    My dream is that one day your boat will be judged not by the make up of the hull, but how it floats!

  4. ron gooding

    I despertally need an ex. header, alum water cooled, for a 1972 century 455 olds. 17.5 ft. org. boat.
    Please advise if you have one or might know where to find one.
    Thanks Ron Gooding