My new love affair with the 25 foot sportsman now has a twist. A nice hard top. This would be the perfect boat if I lived were it rains all the time, or use the boat to get places.. Like the Thousand Islands… Dang! I live were it’s sunny most of the time…Skin Cancer! Maybe this is the way to go….This one is for sale through Mitch Lapointe on the Trading Dock

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7 Responses to “Another Cool 25 Foot Sportsman….Top That!”
  1. Buzz

    Matt, I’m one of the “Dorks” that check things out multiple times per day!…Keep up the great work!


  2. WoodyBoater

    God bless you. Us dorks will soon rule the world. Unless someone breaks our glasses and stabs us with our #2 pencils….

  3. Jim Staib

    If you buy a Sedan remember 2 things:
    1. Make sure the front windows open. Not all did.
    2. A quick boat ride is not possible. You have to bring a crew to fend you from the pier as you drive.

  4. WoodyBoater

    Well those are two things that one never thinks about when buying a boat. Dang! that is perfect advice. Wow! What a pain in the patootie that would be to find out on your first voyage!

  5. Don P

    Matt if you want to know more about this boat please ask since I was the one that owned it before Mitch. And just to let you know the windows on this one do open and it is sometimes a problem to just go out for a quick cruise by yourself. But as far as a cruiser this boat was great.

  6. Don P

    Please ask what ever questions you want of this boat since I was the owner of it before Mitch bought the boat from me. The windows on this one do open and it is a great running boat. One of the best cruisers I have ever owned.

  7. WoodyBoater

    Hi Don, yes I knew it was one of yours, and because of that I know it’s most likely one of the finest in the country. You have great taste and a great collection. hope to finally meet you in person in Hopatcong… Or Dora if you are going!