I was all prepared to do another story on a very nice 300K restoration. Feature every nut and bolt, a grain by grain explanation of the difference between African mahogany and Philippine. And then it happened. Fellow WoodyBoater Bill sent this to me. STOP THE PRESSES! Forget the stimulus package vote. Forget the Chris Craft belt buckle…. Forget it all. This is it. Now you will really be the king of Classic Boating, because you will have the ultimate thrown.. You will be the the big cheese, no matter how you cut it… Your bung hole is now at home on this sucker… I have more… But I thought you might enjoy this as well… Happy commenting… Sold Listing!

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One Response to “More Crap From eBay!”
  1. Tom

    There is no way my wife would let that in the house!! Maybe if I had a john in the shop?!