It’s 6:25AM here in VA and we are off to look at a very sweet restored Chris Craft Continental. It’s 2 hrs away. What is special about this boat? Well, that’s half the fun. The owner had it completely restored, new bottom, new interior, all the sides are refastened, and the top decks are all put on with 5200 and plywood backing. It’s 26 feet. The sad thing is that the owner passed away, and now it’s for sale by the family and restorer……..$15,000 Do the math… Oh did I mention it has a brand new trailer……So. I am off to see it. I will update later today with more photo’s….The journey is fare more fun than the destination sometimes. Especially when you are towing a boat home….

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2 Responses to “Roooooooad Trip! In Search Of Classic Boat Paridise. Part One!”
  1. jfrprops

    Matt, Nice boat! HUGE, but nice, and I know you are looking for a big open boat…..what is the other boat in the photo…to the left on jackstands????
    John Rothert