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4 Responses to “5 Minutes Of Classic Boats Doing What They Do Best.”
  1. Rick

    Thanks, that video was much needed. Expecting 10″ of snow today and was starting to get suicidal thoughts.

  2. woody gal

    I must live near Rick. Think I’ll start packing for Dora. Great video!

  3. WoodyBoater

    It’s like 5 minutes of summer during this last gasp of winter. I loved the idea that it did noth’n but just show boats running. It’s actually very much the old BW movies. No drama, no wrecks, just boats. peaceful predictable boats.

  4. Anonymous

    John S. said
    I love the old woodies, I grew up with one on Lake Tahoe. I love the boat video, Please do more, I just love the old school sound, I have a 64′ Century Resorter 17′.