There is an amazing pre-spring sales event going on. We just heard of a very nice Riva Ariston selling to a partnership of 3 in Colorado, and now this tasty 1941 Garwood Streamliner is for sale. What a fantastic time to get the boat of your dreams. Click here and get woody boating!

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13 Responses to “Gar Wood Streamliner…One of Seven Left Still In Existance.”
  1. Anonymous

    I would rather take the next few summers off and spend more time on the water in my no show boat.

  2. WoodyBoater

    I imagine that the cost of restoration fare exeaded the price tag on this beauty.

  3. Anonymous

    I have seen that boat in person at Tahoe and it is incredible! Beautiful boat.

  4. Anonymous

    I sold it to the current owner for 34k. It had been in our family since the beginning. One year, I took it to bear wood and worked it all the way back. My girl friend at the time help throughout. I figured if she could work with me that long I should marry her. I did. That was 30 years ago.

  5. John R Steigerwald Jr

    I remember when I was little. My dad use to put me in this boat and I would walk up and down in it. This boat was parked next to my dad’s 1955 Chris Craft Continental for a lot of years on Pewaukee Lake in WI. One thing I’d like to know is how I can revisit this boat or get more pictures? John R Steigerwald Jr.

  6. matt

    Hi John, looks like the listing is gone, but this boat is very welll known, so we can look into it for you..

  7. John Steigerwald

    Matt, I am writing in reguards to the 1941 Garwood Streamliner that is posted above. Any contact information you may have reguarding this boat, I would still be interested in seeing it again. Thanks, John Steigerwald

    • Texx

      John – “Tahoe Tessie” was sold to her new owner about a year ago, and now lives on Lake Rabun, Georgia with a number of other unique, original Gar Wood boats.

  8. John Steigerwald

    Hi Matt, I want to update you on information regarding the 1941 Garwood Streamliner Tahoe Tessie… I did some research on Lake Rabun events and found a photographer who knows the current owner of the boat and he sent me a couple a pictures, and mentioned that he changed the name: Tahoe Tessie to “Otter” so I also found out that this boat is only 1 of 2 Garwood Streamliners in existence today, the other Garwood is also located on Lake Rabun.

    John Steigerwald
    Brookfield, WI

  9. Brian Robinson


    Tahoe Tessie #6682 and Otter are/were two different boats. Wayne Phears on Lake Rabun may have changed the name, but the other ’41 (was Otter #6668 owned by Chuck Wallace on Lake Rabun). I have seen them both first hand.

    There is also a third Streramliner on Lake Rabun #6274 owned by Charles Arp.

    SEVEN Streamliners are known to exist, I have one #6256 myself. Feel free to contact me.

  10. John Steigerwald

    My dad’s uncle George Halaska owned a 1941 Garwood Streamliner named Miss Misto and I was just trying to look for that boat in a High Resolution Digital Picture that I could take it and print/frame it for myself and my dad.

    I was always set out to find this boat for a long time after all the stories my dad has shared with me over the years, I thought it would be cool to find it!

    I recently joined The ACBS Glacier Lakes Chapter since my dad recently sold his Chris Craft Continental, I wanted to stay in touch with the classic wood boats myself and continue to learn more about them.

    I bought my first Chris Craft last May 2013 and also made a website at: the info and history is on the website…

    I sincerely appreciate the responses and information!

    John Steigerwald