We made it to Smithfield NC after leaving Washington DC at 3 pm We are now back on the road to Lake Dora… The do it your self waffles at the comfort in are the only thing that could slow us down now…I don’t feel so good….. Wooo!….hoo! Ugh………….

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8 Responses to “Posting At 65 miles Per Hour.. Wooohooo!”
  1. Anonymous

    I was more concerned about the color of the truck- jumpsuit orange?


  2. Anonymous

    I was thinking the same thing, if you gota drive “where’s the boat”:):):)

  3. Best to stay anonymous

    Really, if you truck is that color at least have a cool boat behind it to distract the eye, LOL

  4. rdapron

    Matt, you need to get a CC with orange deck seams to match your rig – now that would look sharp.


  5. Anonymous

    Don’t forget an orange boot stripe too, as can be decerned from all those old black and white photos. ooooooo probably shouldn’t have gone there! That said I would rather be at Lake Dora with an orange truck than stuck up north with work.

  6. Anonymous

    matt – My CC BB has the matching deck seams and boot stripes- but I don’t want a matching truck!