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5 Responses to “Lobster, The Color of The Day. mmm I Have Just The Right Tow Vehicle!”
  1. Anonymous

    Matt You found a soul mate for your auto!! Any chance you can label them ? Those of us in the cold wet north really do thank you. Enjoy!!

  2. rdapron

    Don’t tell me they are not going to put that Riva in the water. Come on, splash it and run it. Its a boat.

  3. Anonymous

    There goes your gas milage. You need something that big to wear the orange. You would hardly notice the orange crocs.

  4. Scott Ales

    Unfortunately the show will not allow a boat that is for sale to be displayed in the water. It also requires a crane to launch and that would tie up the ramp too long. We did splash her last fall at a recent club event. You can see the pictures on our site, http://www.riva125.com She runs 54 mph! 🙂