4 Responses to “More Fun Shots From Lake Dora. I Clearly Over Dressed…”
  1. Rick

    Man, I look at these pictures and an hour latter I need to look again. Kind of like chinese food, or is that crack, I always get those two confused. Either way keep them coming so I don’t have to go score some pics on the street. How amny hits per day are you getting?

  2. Anonymous

    Nice pictures. I too need another fix. Lapstrake will set me right. I need just the right kind of wood boat crack. Thankyou for your indulgence. You are a great humanitarian and wood boat enthusiat? You are willing to help the reat of us. Boat on!!!!!!

  3. Kerry

    Whoa…What’s the story on the 20′ Custom on the lot. We need the hull number and owner name for the CCABC Registry. I don’t believe we have that one.

  4. WoodyBoater

    Its for sale right next to a kinda restored one named Chris. i will do a fun story on them and tomorrow morning will get the sellers info. Not sure how to find the seriel number. Not the location, but this thing is in VERY rough shape. So I wii no doubt break something.. HA…