5 Responses to “Gooooooood morning Lake Dora!”
  1. Anonymous

    Really great pictures. I remember the Amphicars that a distribution center in NJ. One used to show up at Iron Gate Lodge in NH in my youth. I like the old woodie cars, but a special for the picture of the Sea Skiff. Love lapsteak hulls. Any Lymans? Thankyou

  2. peter

    matt, can you get me the phone # off that Lyman Islander for me. Pete Woods

  3. WoodyBoater

    Thanks for participating. I am leaving very soon, long drive and have a heavy workload at work. But have enough fun stuff to do lots of great stories…

  4. Kerry

    Another unrecorded 20′! This is too much. As I thought #312 was not on the list but is now. Thanks for the pics!