Here ya go, right out of the land of obscure conections… a 1956 Healey Ski-Master, produced by the Aqua Craft company in Bridport, Dorset, England. Hull #157 is made from molded plywood with African mahogany framing, Believed to be one of only 2 in the US. Yup the designer of Austin Healey’s, Donald Healey could not just stop with designing one of the coolest sports cars in the world. He had to go Aqua on us. Heres the coolest part. It’s for sale, and at one of the premier antique car places in the US. Hyman LTD, you can visit the boat here. God, I hope there are no Smith Gages or Lucas electric wirring!

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5 Responses to “Like Austin Healey's? Have We Got The Boat For You!”
  1. Anonymous

    Well, I am not sure about this fellow’s choice of collectible boats or the pricing, but he has a truely outstanding selection of highly unique collectible cars. A Tatra, anyone? Some great wheels to be sure, and not just the usual muscle-car extravaganza, either. Much more interesting than that….


  2. Anonymous

    At 26,500 there is alot of opportunity cost. One might want to consider their options.

  3. WoodyBoater

    I suppose with only two out there, it’s a sellers market. It’s art at this point, not a commodity. I will be watching this and seeing what happens. If you look on there site, they are selling the Sonny And Share mustangs… Art, yes, They arent mustangs anymore, they are george barris pieces of rolling art. I suppose the value of the Healey boat is the designer. Imagine a shelby outboard boat…..

  4. Anonymous

    They’re maybe only two outboards but many inboard Healey boats out there