Thanks to Bonny Ruhland we can now see some of the more clever trailer concepts of the day. This great Roadster trailer was one of the more interesting things at the lake Dora show. You don’t see these every day. Thanks Bonny!

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4 Responses to “Holsclaw Roadster Trailer, Just Lift And Carry!”
  1. Anonymous

    Great for doing the bottom of the boat without lifting it off the trailer. Unfortunatly I think it only works on small rowboats. I do not think that it would work for my eighteen foot outboard with the engine down. I guess that it why there are not many of them around.

  2. WoodyBoater

    If you look back some stories,the story on Craig Hartwigs Barrel back. His trailer is simular… Its a cool idea. But…

  3. Kem Meyer

    I have a Holsclaw Boat Roadster Trailer like the one posted from the Lake Dora Boat Show in 2009 by Bonny Ruhland. I was looking from the value
    of the trailer and any additional information

    • Bob Moreau

      Looking for more photos of the Holsclaw trailer you mentioned above. Can you help??