Wooohooo, starting may 15th, that’s this Friday the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton NY is open for it’s summer hours. 9AM -5PM Daily. That’s all I needed. It’s Summer, never mind it’s 50 here in VA and raining like we live in a Rain forest. It’s Summer in Clayton and if it’s summer there it’s got to be summer elsewhere! I can’t stop saying that. It’s Summer! I smell Burgers and weenies on the grill already…. I am going to put on my screen today at work just so I can smell that coco butter smell… maybe even get out the puka shell necklace….I can feel my pineal glands opening up already.

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One Response to “Put Away The Ice Pick, It's Summer In The 1000 Islands.”
  1. Anonymous

    The Thousand Islands the place of my dreams. My summer destination my whole life. Has to be one of the top freshwater boating areas anywhere. It is also known for its concentration of woodyboaters. One of the largest concentration of Lymans outside Sandusky. The museum has an annual Lyman picnic. I will have a hard time waiting to get there.