Bo did this drawing for a client so it might actually be in the works. The tops on these Continentals are … well over the top. If you want the real deal. There is one at Sierra Boat Company. If that is too much you can always print Bo’s drawing and do a candle kinda shrine deal…

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4 Responses to “Bo Zolland And His Imaginary 26´Continental H-T with AC and Heating.”
  1. Anonymous

    I think I saw Elvis hiding behind that Continental at Sierra Boat Company…

  2. Anonymous

    I love the Krishna esk shrine. Is woodyboater a religion? Are we worshiping a false God or is it the respect of all that God has to offer. The love of the beauty that we see in a fine wood boat as a maifestation of the gifts that a higher power gave us. The presevation of the past. A job well done and the value of taking the time to conserve the values that brought us to where we are? I have only questions and very few answers. Thanks for taking the time.

  3. WoodyBoater

    I am never sure about were I cross the line regarding my boat. At certain points along the way it gets very zen like. Then karma comes to play, and there is a ton of praying…. for things to start!