This may be one of the coolest boats Chris Craft ever made. Yah, I knew of them, ya, I have seen one, but the more you dig into the history and the design…the more you will dig it…. These may be the best deals in the hobby right now. Fiberglass boats are still cheap compared to the old woody’s and this one may be one of the crown jewels of the lot. Here are some links, video’s and of course Bo Zolland is in on it to… Click on image above to

The Owners Registry

Lets take a ride on one…ohhhhhhhhh!

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3 Responses to “Welcome to XK19y Boater. I Am Officially In Love!”
  1. Anonymous

    Don’t forget about the XK-22! Another Jim Wynn hull designed for offshore racing. And you can sleep under the foredeck! My choice for an XK.

    A cool XK-22, not original, but nice interior. I bet it screams! Matt, post or use for research on 22’s You probably do need a plastic boat for your collection!

    Woody Gal

  2. Anonymous

    My father’s buddy used to keep his XK19 tied to our dock most summers. If I had a time machine I’d go back to the day when I noticed he’d left the keys in. It would have been soooo worth it, had I not just had a “meeting” with my father’s leather belt.

  3. Anonymous

    Um…thats my boat on top. And a link to my page . I am just really glad to hear from others who like these boats as well. Thanks for your attention and keep on keeping on…………

    Peter van der Hoeven