Looks like the Woody Boater crew is all thumbs up regarding these cool specs, Bo Zolland has contacted some manufacturers and things are moving forward. Here are some more designs and the coolest glasses case on the planet earth. dang! We will keep you updated as they come to life.

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13 Responses to “Woody Sunglasses II, I like What I See!”
  1. jfrprops

    Hey Matt, can you got those in prescrips? Us old woody boaters are too blind to use the reg type…would walk into a spinning prop without correction.
    John Rothert

  2. WoodyBoater

    From what I understand its the frames that are the deal, in a wayfar type deal. I have had prescription glasses made from almost anything

  3. Rick

    I don't know Matt, your recent blogs make me think you'll also offer these in fiberglass and aluminum. Also are these glasses 1st impregnated with CPES so we can wear them in the rain without having to worry about rot?

  4. Anonymous

    Why do I have the feeling that the fiberglass and aluminum versions will be much less expensive than the woody versions? Will they be made to last for only 7 or 8 years before a complete restoration?

  5. Max

    I love the earpieces, however I'd like the frames to be more classical. More like rayban way farers or persol.

  6. Anonymous

    Yea but how many of these will be user sunglasses and how many will be eyeglass case queens, only coming out at shows for a couple of hours?

  7. Anonymous

    Hey here are some info.
    They will be delivered with the very best of a Polarized lens laminated in to a clear 440 nm glass lens of optical quality in two colors one brown and grey . And a High End version with bronze mirror coating and at the front surface to give a maximum of protection during intense sunlight and with Antireflex coating at the back surface to reduce glare that could irritate your eyes. And of course we offer the very same lens as a RX as well.
    Pricing starts from $195

    PS will try to get that sweet Epifanes smell into the wooden case, so every time you open it, you get the right feeling. DS

  8. Anonymous

    Epifanes? Are we sure we want that? Or will it keep an entire group away.

  9. Anonymous

    No just kiddin, but a "generic" warnish smell would be cool.
    Bo Zolland Vizualtech

  10. Ray Ban Sunglasses

    I actually like these glasses which is a little shocking because I like Ray Bans so much. Thanks for the information.