Here we are, going 70 mph on interstate 81, iphone powered internet and just two hrs from Woody Boat heaven. Clayton NY. Stay tuned for up dates and of course ask away for an special requests….. And yes I will see if there are any Lymans……

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2 Responses to “2 hrs From Clayton.. Woohoooo!”
  1. Anonymous

    I know that there will be lots of Lymans. I am sure that you can add some to your collection at the auction. That is my boating heaven. They even have the Lyman picnic at the museum. I will see if my brother can find you while you are up there. Maybe he will ride up river to the show in his Lyman. Have a good time and I hope the weather breaks.

  2. Anonymous

    I'll be very interested in the Auction results and pricing.

    Paul in smoken' hot BC.