Bring it on!

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10 Responses to “Does This Shot Really Need A Headline?”
  1. Anonymous

    It could be any one of us. we all look the same from that view.

  2. WoodyBoater

    In this shot the male woody boater is seeing presenting to the female woody boaters. The clever use of a varnish scent is sent from a freshly dipped varnish brush. Resulting in what is called the " love dance of Varnish"

  3. Anonymous

    Dang, I'm sure I left my rainbow socks with the individual toes in here someplace.

  4. Anonymous

    The restorer said he needed another 3 grand so I just assumed the position and accepted it.

  5. Anonymous

    The restorer said B.O.A.T. If you want to see this braek out another thousand.