For many this show is the ultimate show, it’s in one of the most picturesque settings on the planet, as well as the home of some of the first Chris Craft dealers, and one could argue… and has… the home of all classic boating. So, go tell your boss you ain’t feel’n well, and need to go home… to the home of classic boating…. OK here’s the tough part for some of us suth’ners… Hessel Michigan is located at the very tippy top of of the mitten……. across the ways from Cheboygan… OK , that’s it. Can’t we have a boat show in a town that can be spelled easily?

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One Response to “Are You Up For Going Up To Hessel? The Les Cheneaux Islands Classic Boat Show. This Weekend!”
  1. Anonymous

    Matt, I like the "You might also like:" addition to your posts. It's working om my desire to pick uo where I left off about 15 months ago with weekly "Destinations".

    Al Benton