I keep hoping. Were are all the boats. One thing is clear. Africa so far is not a classic boat area. All the water holes are filled with wildlife…come onnnn! There are no boat houses tucked aside a small lake with grandpas old boat in it. But it does have its own version. Here is a cool way to classic boat near Victoria Falls it’s a Zambezi Cruiser. And for those that just want more classic boat stuff, and don’t care about my quest for true African Mahogany. Click here.

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One Response to “No Sea Lions Yet. Just Lions..”
  1. Anonymous

    Are you sure the boats are not stored behind some elephants and you just don't see them? Lions also would make great deterents to thieves. Great Africa pictures but I love the coasters. Problem is if the felt is not on with 5200 will I have to relace it every 5 years? Also does this set a precident and can I now use vinly pin stripes on future restorations insteat of cutting a bead, caulking and painting? Then again they do look good for the price.