We interrupt our daily story on classic boats to bring you live images from fellow Woody Boater Capt Jim Shotwell of this years Annual ACBS meeting up in Canada… it’s a week long celebration of Antique & Classic boats. . Here are shots from the Boat House tour.. OMG!

Chris Smith and his one of a kind Sea Skiff ..

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4 Responses to “Special Bulleitn. Live From Gravenhurst ACBS Annual Meeting.”
  1. Anonymous

    I and down to the third posting and I am just about dizzy. What a gathering of boats. What is the boat in the seond shot outside of the boathouse?

  2. Anonymous

    matt & Anon-

    That is indeed a Greavette Stereamliner, built between the mid-'30's until the early '50's in limited numbers. I would say it is likely a 24' version. Someone with better knowledge than I can fill in more, such as narrowing down the year of this one, but they are all stunning.

    I had the pleaser of riding in a 24' 1937 Greavette Custom triple cockpit, which in my view is a slightly crisper design but retains many of the Streamliner's main design cues. I rode in it for the two days and was just blown away, not only the looks of the boat, but the ride and perfomance. If you are patient, about $150k will get a very nice 24' Sreamliner, more for concours. The Custom I rode in is in the value stratosphere (even beyond the regular Streamliners), like many of the boats we saw. Wish I could provide more specifics for you.


  3. Donald

    I have to say that the international show was a fabulous show this year. It is so nice to see my old Cobra doing well in Muskoka.