Ya start messing with genetics and see what happens…. For gods sake please do not leave your woody boat left alone in the boat house with your pontoon boat..

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Lou At The Antique Boat Center for making the big find…we can now dream big now. Ya know something… It’s kinda cool..

God is in the details…. the confessional….

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4 Responses to “A Pontoon Boat Walks Into A Woody Boat Bar……”
  1. Anonymous

    Yea but does it come with a still? Also needs a rocking chair for grandma to smoke her corncob pipe in.

  2. Anonymous

    I wonder how she sits in the water. That seems like alot of weight. You may have to leave a few passengers at the dock.

  3. Anonymous

    That looks like a boat that Red Green from the Possum Lodge would build… "MISS POSSUM" Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?