If you have been reading all week, you know. If not. That’s what you get for not reading all week!

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8 Responses to “What Is It?”
  1. Anonymous

    What it is is something that looks a whole lot better than mine did when I found her! I think I still have an original splinter or two.

  2. Anonymous

    Now if you look at real close there's a bunch of stuff on those frames that looks a lot like the letter "U" and if you count them all there's 22 of them so I'd probably call it a U22, but that's just me.

  3. Don P

    You should make December a month dedicated to Barrel Backs or all sizes. There are a fair amount of them out there for sale at the time being and maybe it will start to get them moving again. Just a thought.
    Don P

  4. Texx

    One of the most popular phrases in the restoration process "All we have left to do is Everything"

  5. Anonymous

    Why its one of the original "Golden Pond" boats! We just cann't locate the paperwork right now though but trust me.

  6. Anonymous

    Definitly not a chris craft with that bottom
    construction. Looks like Century bottom.
    I'm thinking 21' Century Coronado.

  7. Anonymous

    John Rothert posting as annonymous….??? still can't figure out how to post as MYSELF:
    That is the kit scantlings from Tavares this year…right? I can see the tent…..