This is not a circus act or comedy team. It is though two fun restoration projects that without doubt must have a colorful history. Or at least you can make a good one up! Thanks to our fellow woody Boaters ( not the two Odd balls) Don and Molly Hardy at McCall Boat Works we can dream of a 1951 U22 with a pink interior and black alligator trim…. Wait… there’s more oddballness. It’s got a Hemi….So you can go fast enough I suppose so folks don’t laugh at the pink interior. With that said though, WOW, what a fun and cool color combo, and if you are looking for another boat to restore and have been blocked by the boss…. Well, buy her a pink interior one… sexist? yes… But a brilliant chess move in my book. Clearly not original. But with U22’s a story is worth more than originality in some cases. Do the pink and alligator and you have a show winner for sure. Here is a concept of what she might look like when finished.The other oddball is a 1948 U22 with a Deluxe Ventilating Optional Top..That’s as much as I know. I suppose it ventilates in a deluxe way… Maybe it makes the air inside smell like rose pedals… If any of you have any information on these deluxe tops. Comment below and you can be the expert of the day. If you find yourself compelled to go pink… Hemi pink, or need to ventilate your top in a deluxe fashion… Today is your lucky day. They are for sale! So pull out your alligator man bag and start writing checks… Click here…

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3 Responses to “Two Odd Balls From Idaho!”
  1. Jim Staib

    Gimme my blue interior back!! Of course "Pinky" might sell in San Fran

  2. Anonymous

    Take a look on Boat Buzz for a very nice "PINK" lenoleum that would go well with those seats. Add a nice little pink and white lace around here and there and you're there. Your wife or girlfriend will love it.

  3. WoodyBoater

    Hey Jim.. Pink is the new blue! It would complete the his and hers collection that you are selling!