Here is a great 7 minute video of all the ins and outs of an Amphicar!…Just think of all the time you just saved at the next boat show…

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One Response to “Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About An Amphicar. But Were Afraid To Ask… Because The Geek That Owns It Would Go On and On About it…”
  1. Anonymous

    Well, I don't know about the rest of you but I'm going to bookmark this story so that I can quickly review it just before traveling to Tavares, FL next March for the Sunnyland Boat Festival. This way I may be able to avoid the possibility of getting into a lengthy conversation with one of many of the Amphicar owners after I arrive at Lake Dora. This video did a fine job of explaining all (and then some) of the curious questions that I may have been tempted to ask while there. Hey, that bilge pump could come in handy while taking a long road trip with 3 little ones and a wife that have to stop every 35 miles or so for you know what-ing.